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Welcome to our range of In-Memoriam Stationery. You can choose cards which capture the memory of your loved one. Our unique collection of cards includes Religious, Floral, Moods and Personal Images. 

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality In-Memoriam Cards available. We print every card to your specification, onto quality card. 

All cards can be tailored to suit individual requirements, verses can be amended to suit your wishes and personal verses or thoughts can be included and there is an enlarged photograph option available. If you have an image, scenic or otherwise of your own which you would like to incorporate on your loved one’s In-Memoriam Card, we will accommodate this with pleasure. All of these options are offered at no additional cost to you. 

You will want to preserve the memory of your loved one in a way that is meaningful to you. Our expanding range of Cards will be a fitting In-Memoriam tribute to your loved one who is gone but not forgotten. 

Below we explain the process you need to follow to complete your order
Choose the format or layout you you prefer
Double Card  Single Card - with standard gold border
Single Card with standard gold border 
with deceased details on one side and either picture or prayer on other side
Card Format Bookmark 1.png

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